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Bonus Packge 4 – Ultimate Traffic

Ultimate Traffic Monster

How to make up to $610 per day in 17 minutes flat using an underground, free traffic monster used by hollywood celebrities and fortune 500 companies.

In this no fluff, straight-to-the-point guide filled with actionable content, I reveal the exact steps that I take to pull in massive amounts of traffic using this traffic monster.

Note: His ‘completely untapped traffic monster’ is reddit by the way. I hate blind sales copies.

Ultimate Traffic Monster 2.0

Ultimate Traffic Monster 2.0 is a complete, over the shoulder, step-by-step training guide that shows you everything you need to know when it comes to creating a flood of high quality, targeted traffic to your sites.

In the ultimate traffic monster 2.0 guide we hold nothing back. This training gives you all the tools you need to. So your offers can finally convert.

By the end of the training you will have a crystal clear blueprint of how to get incredible, quality traffic to your offer.

80k Traffic Hacks

Accidental traffic source generates $22,266 in 7 days using only free traffic on complete autopilot. 80k Traffic Hacks is a real-life case study giving you everything you need to easily generate 4-5 figures with both dirt-cheap and free traffic.

You will learn:

How to effortlessly get a flood of sales using endless amounts of free traffic on autopilot. 2 real world examples I used just last month to generate over $21,000 in revenue — everything revealed. The little-known secret to going from zero to 5,000 visitors per day. Behind-the-scenes look at the actual sales results.

Virgin Untapped Traffic

The easy to use strategies to bring in massive amounts of free laser targeted traffic. There still are a few places online where you can get traffic from people that are in a sense “pure”. It is very rare to find people that are passionate in whatever niche they choose and are reachable.

Untold Traffic Sources

Discover the 10 hidden traffic methods no one talks about that are generating the guru’s ridiculous amounts of buyer traffic. Fast traffic, cheap traffic and traffic that brings sales in any niche. We will Show you what the traffic sources are, how to use them and how to maximize your results from these traffic sources.

Free Traffic Frenzy

The most secret, untapped and free traffic source that has been proven to drive hoards of high converting traffic to your business and offers.
This report reveals to you how you can tap into over 168 Million unique monthly visitors by using what is considered to be the most hidden and untapped free traffic source in the industry.

Ultimate Traffic Mastermind

How I build a targeted list of over 70,000 leads that made me over $350,000 in the last 10 months and how you can too. All you just have to do is copy and paste my traffic strategies.
Learn the little-known secret to convert the maximum number of leads to sales.
Learn how to legally steal multi-million traffic generation ideas from other experts.

Undercover Traffic Blueprint

Top secret of generating traffic without any skills. You can divert lots of traffic and make money with your affiliate links, adsense, CPA and more with no experience & no skills. I have generated thousands of targeted visitors in just 10 minutes of work.

Complete Traffic Domination 3.0

I have tried, tested and perfected almost every traffic getting method that could be imagined…and now you get all the information on a silver platter.

After going through this course you will never again need to buy any other traffic guide.

Cold Hard Free Traffic

Discover the free traffic sources you can use to build your list, sell affiliate products and earn massive cash without spending a single penny. I am giving you the secret traffic generation techniques that will skyrocket your site to new traffic levels.

Super Fast Traffic

Super Fast Traffic
These secrets allow anyone to attract unusual levels of targeted website traffic with very little effort and no money.

You will learn:

How to get your first lead in 20 minutes.
Build a responsive list completely on autopilot.
No writing articles or blogs.
Whole method can be outsourced.
No cost involved.

Instant Traffic Hacks

Instant Traffic Hacks
Get 5524 visitors in 48 hours with one of these 4 traffic hacks.

My 4 best traffic hacks will stop your traffic struggle for good.

I didn’t invent this just to sell it here on the forum. These four methods come from the toolbox of traffic generation methods that I use for my own sites. I’ve tried a lot of different stuff, and only the best methods have made it to this report.

Insane Traffic Methods

Insane Traffic Methods
Hidden traffic sources that I have personally used to drive insane amounts of traffic to my offers and convert lead into buyers.

You will discover:

A hidden traffic source that gets over 100,000 free unique visitors a day.
A cheap traffic source that can get you 300 – 400 subscribers for just $100 spent.
Another traffic source that consist of over 90% credit card in hand buyers in all the major profitable niches that you can think of.
Another traffic source that you can use to build up to 100,000 or more subscribers in a matter of months if you want to explode your list and income.

Unstoppable Forum Traffic

Unstoppable Forum Traffic
Here is exactly how to get high quality bizz-op traffic and build a list of money spenders that generates $250-$320 on any given day, by sending out just one simple email.

Unstoppable Forum Traffic is a short guide with 7 completely different ways to take advantage of the Warrior Forum and force them to send you their superb traffic to any page of your choice, starting as of today.

The Traffic Rush System

The Traffic Rush System
Traffic system generates $59,147 in less than 8 days for a complete newbie using free traffic.

I am going to take you by the hand and show you behind the scenes of how a million dollar business drives thousands of laser targeted free traffic to any website you choose.

I went from zero to $332,178 in sales in less than 7 days without having a physical product to sell using only free traffic.

Simply traffic
Targeted Traffic Empire
Reddit Traffic Magnet
Simple Traffic Storm
Turbo Traffic Hacks
Traffic on Tap
Free Traffic Jackpots
CPA Traffic Surge
Traffic Cash Formula
Red Hot Traffic Firestorm
Underground Traffic Blueprint
Untapped Traffic Giant
The Traffic Hack System
Paid Traffic Handbook
Explosive Website Traffic
Instant Buyer Traffic Formula
2014 Untapped Traffic Sources
Traffic Tsunami
1 Cent Traffic System
Affiliate Traffic Tsunami
Instant Traffic Code
7 Day Ninja Traffic Plan
Rush Hour Traffic Keyword Research

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