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Bonus Packge 5 – Tee Profits – T-Shirt

$1200 On Teespring

Once the so called gurus and the big boys of internet marketing find out about this method they will sell it to you for at least 10x my price so get in while it is still under the radar!

How I made $1200 in 14 days on tee spring selling t-shirts without paying for any traffic and how you can do the same.
I have written a very short but powerful guide explaining the following:

How to use facebook to generate free traffic to your teespring campaigns.
How to get the most passionate fans ever to see your link.
How to spend only 1 hour a day doing all of this easy work to get your campaign to tip.

Tee Blueprint

How we make over $10,000/Month profit selling t-shirts on TeeSpring.

Learn from one of the top sellers on TeeSpring.
Become a TeeSpring selling machine.
Simple step-by-step over the shoulder videos.
Case studies of successful campaigns.

Tee Cash Kit

Discover the template driven system that brought in $110,153 this month selling ugly t-shirts on teespring.

Use our ready-made designs that are proven to sell like crazy.
Tweak your designs using free software provided for both PC and Mac. No Photoshop.
Copy our top secret traffic generation strategies.
Reinvest and scale with our proven Facebook ads 1 2 3 method.
Get ready to see the cash hit your Paypal and bank account everyday.

Bigger Better Tee Profits

Discover how you can earn a bundle of cash selling them in a unique way. In Bigger Better Tee Profits I reveal the exact website that I am personally using to finally make money from the huge popularity of t-shirts and hoodies.

I’ll show you exactly how to use this unique new platform to easily sell your designs without all the hard work on your part, or any of the drawbacks that other t-shirt sites have. This is a great new avenue to add more income to your bottom line.

Ezra’s Speedy Loot

Speedy Loot covers a simple 4 step system that will allow anyone to make a sweet profit from extremely easy to make T-Shirts.

If you pick up Speedy Loot today, here is what you will learn:

Exactly how to make speedy loot with the immense power of Facebook traffic and simple Teespring shirts.
Exactly how to do it without spending a cent on FB Ads.
Exactly how to copy my steps that made me over 7k last month.
Exactly why you don’t need a CPA or Affiliate networks to make bank.

Tee Targeting Goldmine

This underutilized Facebook and targeting method will crack open huge, hidden, extremely targeted audiences for t-shirt sellers.

You will learn:

A targeting technique no one is talking about that will let you get in on very large, uncompetitive t-shirt niches.
Why Facebook is hiding audiences from you and how to dig them out.
3 sample groups where I have found double, triple and quadruple the audiences most other people will find.
How to use this targeting method to uncover even more niches.

The 6S Kit

The 6S Kit is everything you need for success in one kit.

It includes a step by step guide outlining exactly how to set up a Sunfrog account, Facebook page and Facebook ads so you can start listing shirts for sale and making money today.

The 6S Kit also includes materials for over 130 ready-to-go niche shirts. Everything you need is in there including links, ad copy, and 3 ad images for each shirt.

Teespring Cash Generator

Give me 20 minutes, and I will show you how I made huge Teespring cash without Facebook ads or spending a single cent.

Discover the free traffic source that sells hundreds of shirts almost instantly without using Facebook ads.

10 KILLER Infographics

Drive Hordes Of Traffic To Your Sales Pages, Blogs And Social Profiles With This TOTALLY Customizable Infographic Collection.

Smart Tee Targeting

  • Simply step-by-step strategy of using smart tee targeting
  • This is one of the best ways to sell shirts on Facebook.
  • This report is easy to follow with step-by-step examples and screenshots.
  • The daredevil trick can be used for any niche in any market.

Teespring Warrior

Simple product that has generated $105,836 from tee spring in less than 3 months.
I show you exactly how to select the right niche every single time, and it is much more simple than you may think.
The secret to laser targeting your audience.
I show you how you can start generate huge sales with dead simple designs.

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Teespring Domination

TeeSpring Clever Cash

$2,293.35 In 5 Days

Fast Teespring Cash


My Money Maker

$100 Per Hour Insider Secrets

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