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Fresh Domain Leads Review

Fresh Domain Leads Review

The Fresh Domain Leads software provides all the registrant info from freshly registered domain names …

If you are in the business of domain names, you would know how hard it is to search for the potential leads and convert it to the sale. Back in 2000, domain business wasn’t that competitive but now tons of new website pops out over the internet selling domain names, they invest huge budget for advertisement and thus takes all the potential leads. It’s hard to compete against other domain providers and profit seems to decline with every coming day.


What is Fresh Domain Leads ?

So is there any other method to scale your domain business without advertising or competing for Google rankings? What if you can get a list of potential leads? Well, there is, if you are in domain business and want to ladder up quickly without spending the fortune on the advertisement, fresh domain leads software is perfect for you. This is a wonderful tool to boost your domain business.

How does it work

At the time of domain registration, info of registrant is stored publicly in Whois database and can be accessed by everyone. This can be used as a great source to hunt potential leads, although it isn’t as easy as it seems. Not every whois information is correct, many people use privacy and replace their info with a third party detail. Another major problem is to search for freshly registered domains and get Whois information one by one, which is difficult and time-consuming. The fresh domain leads software captures all such data from newly registered domains, filter domains registered through third parties and deliver it to you.


Why use Fresh Domain Leads software?

Fresh domain leads software will skyrocket your domain business by providing you with a list of potential clients, it will save both your time and cash. You won’t need to set up a website and get lots of traffic nor you need to spend time or fortune in advertising your business. Just use fresh domain leads software, it will search for newly registered domain names, filter out Whois information and deliver it to you. This will also give you an idea about the preferences of the registrant and you can choose your offer accordingly. Once you have all the necessary registrant information, simply contact through email or phone.

Pros of using Fresh Domain Leads

  • Fresh domain leads is a unique software and directly delivers potential leads to you.
  • Same lead is never delivered to more than one user. This increases the chances of prospect responding to your offers.
  • Saves a lot of time, just contact the registrant of freshly registered domains and deliver your offer.



Finally, you shouldn’t be thinking twice before using this software, start using fresh domain leads software and convert your leads into the sales. You can go for their standard membership plan which will cost just $47 and provide lifetime membership and you will get access to 30 unique leads every day, although this offer will end once the product is launched (Dec29). You can also go for pro and platinum membership providing you the access of 60 and 100 unique leads per day. So why wait? Hurry up and grab the offer.


Fresh Domain Leads Bonus

3 simple steps to claim this bonuses

1. Get Fresh Domain Leads >>> here
2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: luugiaonli@gmail.com (or Submit to Contact form)
3. Chose which bonus you want in your email and you will receive the bonus within 24 hours

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