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PLRXtreme Email Marketing How To Videos Review

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PLRXtreme Email Marketing How To Videos Review – Make Big Profits Reselling This Step-By-Step Video Training…


In the domain of internet marketing Private Label Rights (PLR) is the term for a method of licensing where the author enters into a joint venture partnership with the customer who will use the intellectual property passed on to develops a sales based business. The product is rebranded and resold in the name of the customer but the profits are shared. It has proved to be a very successful method of creating internet sales.


About the Author

Edmund Loh is a self-taught internet marketing entrepreneur and consultant. He is the founder of Musemancer a company that specialises in creating leverage for SME’s with the aim of growing their business via the internet. From humble beginnings as a reseller of products on the internet he has moved to become one of the top PLR producers on the World Wide Web.

Edmund is a published author having co-written the best-selling book “Secrets of Millionaire Students”. His upcoming book “Crushing it” is an exploration of his ten year rise in the business. It is a blueprint for success for all budding web based entrepreneurs. He is also a prolific speaker at conferences in Malaysia where he currently resides and many other countries in Asia.

How does it work?

Downloaded products are usually subject to a digital product license. This applies to software, audio and video files, e-books etc. The software that comes with computer purchase will be covered by a very strict license that allows no alteration to the product and that no one else may use it. Private Label Rights are at the softer end of the licensing scale. They will allow the purchaser to customise the product and re-sell it in their own name. The buyer will be allowed to develop a business derived from the product purchase that is subject to a portion of earnings being paid to the author of the original product.

PLRXtreme Email Marketing How To Videos is a package of 30 on screen videos that explain how to build a successful online business step by step. By entering into a JV with the author, the customer is entitled to rebrand and resell the product in their own name whilst keeping 100% of the commission.



• It is a great way to get involved with a product that will sell on the internet and will prove to be a great learning curve on their journey to internet selling stardom.
• The product is recipe for success produced by a known internet sensation.
• The potential for sales will be excellent.
• The buyer will keep 100% of profits.

Why should I need it?

If you are new to internet marketing it is a great way to get involved and it is time to take that big leap on the path to having the control of running your own business. This is the perfect lift off point with a partner with a proven track record.


PLRXtreme Email Marketing How To Videos is an opportunity that is about to launch on the 27th December 2015. Time is short and the decision needs to be made to be positive, the time is right to become your own boss.


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